TRONIC´s history


Tronic electronica

Ripoll (Girona) small town at 109 Km upper to Barcelona, started a shop of electronic components providing services to the public, electronic school institute and some local companies. Precisely those companies started to be strong in ventilation market on this area, now the strongest cluster in Spain and thanks to them the project growed up.


TRONIC started to increase electrical projects as installations around the country and the unit of electrical business was separated from the main company, being called Lectric.


The company continued designing electronic industrial equipments for those clients who needed to incorporate electric and electronic accessories on their portfolio. The standard speed controller range was created and named TLR 100 series thanks to the engineering team. Besides those ventilation projects, we developed special applications customized to the client necessities for different machines and equipments.


The project was growing very fast and there was the necessity to move to other installations. This The company decided to separate the electric installations and continue with the strongest area of design and production and the internationalization of the business around Europe.  The engineers designed our frequency inverter with our own technology ready to be adapted to many motor applications. The speed controller range was being updated to TLR 300.allowed us to consolidate in the market of electronic projects customized to many kind of motor applications but still focusing on the Ventilation and Air-Conditioning sectors.​



The installations became small and the different sections and departments came together in the same building providing  several products, series and special projects to HVAC market. Globalization interrupted those growing years because of Asia irruption obligating the company to fight against this cost competition also providing our services with quality and added value products but always with economic prices. The standard speed controller range was updated to TLR 400.


Thanks to these 40 years of experience TRONIC keeps the formula of design and production of controls for the HVAC+R industry (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration). Nowadays, our speed controller range has been updated to TLR 500


​This driven expertise allows us to offer high quality products at very interesting prices. We have several international ventilation and air conditioning companies who trust in our experience (see some on Client section). Investing considerably in appropriate research and product development and continuously evaluate new technologies and components and examine their application in our products. This is also why we are capable of developing very efficient products.

Latest investment has been in EC controllers in order to accomplish with the present ErP standard and to be able to control BLDC and PMSM motors

More specific, we are specialized in the speed control of AC & EC motors of fans basically in POWER CONTROL.