Programming console for frequency inverters

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Programming console for frequency inverters. With this console some parameters of the TRONIC’s Frequency Inverters can be modified.

  • PWM Switching frequency 3-16KHz

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Programming console for the Tronic frequency inverters

With this console following parameters of the TRONIC’s Frequency Inverters can be modified:

  • Maximum output frequency (Fmax)
  • Minimum output frequency (Fmin)
  • Frequency of maximum voltage (FVmax)
  • Frequency of minimum voltage (FVmin)
  • Maximum output voltage (Vmax)
  • Minimum output voltage (Vmin)
  • Limit of output phase current (depending on model)
  • PWM Switching frequency 3-16KHz
  • Acceleration time (several steps)
  • Deceleration time (several steps)


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