Frequency Inverter drive VFLC I 230V 7,5A

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Variable speed drive

Frequency inverters 7.5A. The speed control by varying frequency and voltage is the best system for the control of asynchronous motors

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Variable speed drive, Variable frequency inverter speed drive single-phase VFLC I 230V  7,5A. Frequency Inverters

The speed control by varying frequency and voltage is the best system for the control of asynchronous motors.

Specifications of speed drives:

  • Input range: 200-240 Vac I 50-60Hz
  • Models: 1500W (7,5A)
  • Enclosure IP40
  • Housing: ABS-V0 Plastic, RAL 7035

Control of frequency control:

  • Input ON/OFF
  • Input 0-10V   (remote control TLR 017)
  • Serial port RS-232   (telephonic connector for programming console)
  • External terminal    (remote control TLR 016)

Switching Parameters of Frequency Inverters VFLC I 230V 7,5A:

  • Switch 1: Automatic / Manually  Restarting
  • Switch 2: Freewheel stop or deceleration
  • Switch 3: Not used
  • Switch 4: V/F: Lineal / Quadratic

Adjustable Parameters by means of a programming console:

  • Maximum output frequency (Fmax)
  • Minimum output frequency (Fmin)
  • The frequency of maximum voltage (FVmax)
  • The frequency of minimum voltage (FVmin)
  • The maximum output voltage (Vmax)
  • The minimum output voltage (Vmin)
  • Limit of output phase current (depending on model)
  • PWM Switching frequency 3-16KHz
  • Acceleration time (several steps)
  • Deceleration time (several steps)

Advantages inverter drive:

  • Voltage / frequency regulation system
  • Last generation of IGBT Modules
  • Energy saving
  • 0-10V input
  • Motor useful life
  • Protection against over voltage, over the current and short circuit.
  • Different possibilities of control and adjust
  • Relay (1AC) output
  • Easy installation and use
  • EMC filter included
  • Hight quality and low price
  • Robust and adaptable
  • Special Application for AIR HANDLING UNITS (AHU)

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Variable speed drive single-phase VFLC I 230V  3,5A

Frequency driver single-phase VFLC I 230V  10A

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