Custom projects

We would like to make an special summary to different kind of projects from our client’s petitions designing for some alternative sectors who we customized our know-how applied to their necessities, we can’t show all but here some examples:

Farm´s climatization

Long expertise in Farm´s climatization, designing and producing regulators to control ventilation and temperature. Developed to meet the most demanding needs they may request in room control with variable environmental conditions between the beginning and the end of the breeding cycle

Air curtains

Many kind of different controls for air curtains that have been specifically designed for optimum performance and efficiency when installed in commercial and industrial situations. Thanks to this add value on the air curtains they can be available in ambient and heated forms and can be adapted for most door locations for most applications like retail, commercial, industrial and refrigerated environments

Refrigeration cabinets

We are in a very close relation with an important company that develops and produces hardware and software for automation technology with over 20 years of experience in the field of food refrigeration. This cooperation allowed us to design an important project as a control for BLDC motor (Sensorless sqarewave) special for refrigeration cabinets

Children`s entertainment

Strong cooperation with a company of Kiddie Rides and family Attractions. Recognized today, worldwide, as the industry leader in children’s and family entertainment, with distributors in major countries. We customized our frequency drives into those extensive kiddie rides providing to them the necessities of they need in order to be more competitive and get the maximum power at same time they save energy.

Centrifugal pumps

Customized frequency drives specialized in water centrifugal pumps, systems and water-management equipments for the household and residential sector. This sector includes Water intake, Drainage, Water supply and Water circulation.


We have extensive experience in the development of electronics for equipments in the juicer machinery sector (Juicers, multijuicers, blenders and vending machines). Its latest generation Brushless Motor control, lasts 4 times longer than a traditional motor of other juicers. The Speed Control System, offers complete control over the juice extraction power and it maintains a constant speed providing more power when necessary.

Automatic doors & lifts

Designs and production of electronic controls for lift cabin doors with the highest quality standards in the European market, offering control solutions on different product lines like folding doors, telescopic doors or doors with large windows.

Refrigeration compressor

Important brushless controllers for one of the most important producers of hermetic compressors with over 50 years of experience in the design, manufacture and sale of hermetic compressors and condensing units. Variable speed compressors offer lower power consumption thanks to the electronic speed adjustment of the motor, which adapts to the cooling needs of the application at any time, while improving the COP by up to 50%.


Customization of our electronic dimmer to any kind of dimensions but we are not limited to power control only, we have the knowledge for lighting controls either by triac technology as control LED even control by mosfet for those more sensitive countries.

Food equipment

More than one decade designing and producing electronic controls customized for the biggest manufacturer of industrial range of dishwashers, potato peelers, mixers, crushers, vacuum packers, vegetable cutters, cutlery drier, microwave. Long cooperation to special client offering to them customised solutions for the most demanding users in Catering and Hotel, Licensed Trade and Food Industries since 1961.


Same frequency inverter technoly have been customized to we make ornamental fountain installations, Water Games, Artifical Lakes, etc. All the projects include a sustainable development: the fountains are low energy consumption and recycle water in its totality.

Medical centrifugues

Our own design of frequency inverter we can adapt this technology to control a laboratory high speed centrifugue that offers the opportunity to connect the centrifuge to the line either 110-120 volts AC or 210-220 volts AC. The appliance automatically selects the power required to work and gives the centrifuge ideal sectors as petrochemical, biology, clinical chemistry and biochemistry, etc.