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Tronic Controls (Tronic Electrònica i Electricitat, S.L.) is a company that designs and manufactures electronic equipment for industrial sectors.

We are specialized in speed control of AC and EC motors and we are experts in power control. We offer a wide range of electronic equipment for the ventilation, heating, cooling and air conditioning sectors and we propose products of the highest quality and competitive prices.

Tronic has accumulated experience in the sector over the past 40 years. With an attitude of close, flexible and adapted to real needs, which allows us to establish long-term relationships with all our customers.

In 2018 we launched the online store of electronic equipment of our brand.

HVACR-tronic-controlsWe are willing to accompany our clients in everything related to the HVAC + R sector:


  • HEATING: We design and manufacture electronic equipment for air conditioning and refrigeration systems, both in residential and industrial equipment.
  • VENTILATION: We offer a complete range of regulators at your disposal to control all types of ventilation systems.
  • AIR CONDITIONING: Design and production of power electronics for air conditioning systems.
  • REFRIGERATION: Development of PSPM motor control technology for refrigeration systems providing an energy saving solution in this sector.

Our strengths:

  • The customer service and the repairs and after-sales service allows us to accompany the customer throughout the manufacturing process, acquisition and useful life of our products ensuring the quality in the service.
  • Our small and flexible structure of our headquarters in Sant Joan de les Abadesses, in Girona, allows us to adapt to the consumption needs of all our customers.
  • In these facilities, our products are subject to operational and verification tests that guarantee the quality of the entire process.
  • Our team of specialists offers you a personalized service of technical advice.
  • From electronic controllers to air curtain controls, door controls, hospitality equipment, etc., our R&D department ensures the development of the most efficient products for your business.
  • Customization of our own technology to the needs of each client.

TRONIC´s history