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What is a speed controller for AC motor?

AC motor speed controller (esc motor controller)

The speed controller for AC motor is an element that keeps the engine revolutions constant within the desired range and depending on the operating point that we want to transmit.

Ac motor speed controllers are composed of two models. However, the process of the two is very different:

  • Speed control for single phase motor operate at 230V and used for ac motor single phase. These regulate the speed by varying the voltage they transmit to the motor.
  • Frequency Drives, which are indicate for three-phase motors at both 230V and 400V, regulate the speed by the variation of the output frequency, making the torque maintained.

The range of series 500 and MTY of single-phase variable speed motor control is specially designed for ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems.

The industrial speed controller for ac motor single phase and fans allow to control the air conditioning systems in an effective way reducing the energy consumption used and contributing to the care of the environment.

Variable speed controller for electric motor within the ventilation sector, its use is essential in order to regulate the noise and air currents of all types of fans and exhaust fans.

Its installation is extremely easy. All products always of esc motor controllers are accompanied by an instruction manual and wiring diagrams and can be consulted in the datasheet section of each product.

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